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SPA Pedicure (No Polish)

50 min


SPA Pedicure (with Polish)

60 min


SPA Pedicure (with Gel Polish)

up to 80 mins


Gel Polish Removal

10 mins


Paraffin Wax Foot Mask (only additionally to pedicure) + 10mins – free


Pedicure treatment can not be performed if the therapist defines fungal or other contagious skin/nail conditions (e.g. Athlet’s feet). Please visit your doctor for medical advice.

Pedicure Treatment

Leave enough time for your appointment to allow your nails to dry and on the day put on or bring open toe shoes, if the weather allows.

Homecare recommendations:

Daily wash your feet, dry thoroughly (esp. between toes) and use a footcare moisturising lotion. You can apply talc or special foot powder between the toes to help absorb moisture, or use foot sprays containing peppermint or citrus oil to refresh the feet during the day.

To remove the dead skin off your heels, use a stone or a file, please NEVER cut your calluses off with a blade.  You may injure the tissue of your feet by cutting too much of the skin. Always file gently make sure you do not making your sole skin too thin. For toe nails – you can use cuticle oils, and try to avoid acetone-based polish remover.


For long term improvements book in for regular pedicures.

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