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Why Medik8 Professional?

Updated: May 2, 2021

When I had to decide on the professional line of products to work with I’d already had personal experience of using some brands and used a few at work. I would like to represent the brand with principals and approaches that I share, understand and trust.

I chose Medik8 Professional for the following reasons:

  1. It is a cosmeceutical brand founded by a British pharmacologist and biochemist

  2. They have a team of in-house scientists creating unique formulations with patented technologies

  3. They constantly work on product development, and all Medik8 serums are manufactured in their own ISO certified laboratories in the UK

  4. 100% animal cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

  5. Anti-ageing is at core of every product.

  6. They use best proven ingredients

  7. They have a range of products for all skin types and concerns.

  8. They provide constant support and training for professionals using their brand

  9. The brand has a holistic approach to treatment with regimes to enable clients to benefit from the synergy of salon treatments and home skin care.

MEdik8 Technology

  • Bioavailablility

Means the highest possible amount of active ingredients is delivered to the layer of the skin where they are meant to take effect with minimal irritation

  • Enhanced Penetration

A chemical delivery system is used to carry active ingredients into the skin.

  • Professional strength

The strength of active ingredients is key it allows to achieve faster results

  • Time Release System

It is a technology of encapsulating active ingredients in either polymer or laminar. It allows the ingredient to be released gradually and safely into the skin. For example – Retinol. It is very important in skin care, but may cause dryness, irritation and sensitivity, so due to the Medik8 Time Release System skin tolerates it well.

  • Enhanced Stability

Some active ingredients are naturally unstable. So Medik8 created a unique delivery system in their formulations to ensure that the products don’t loose their effectiveness and power.

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